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Chelmsford Cathedral Concert, Saturday 8th June 2019

The programme for the above concert is as shown below.

Tydi a roddaist  
Scott Williams - Organ   Rhosymedre      
Down by the Salley Gardens 
The Miller of Dee 
Tell my father 
An American Trilogy  
Singin’ in the rain 
Rhythm of Life 
What would I do without my music
Scott Williams – Organ   Nun danket alle Gott  Calon Lan
Y Darlun

January 2019


These are the songs currently selected by the MD in preparation for Cornwall.


1.   Singing in the rain

2    Builth

3    What would I do without my music 

4    Christus Salvator

5.   Llanfair 

6.   Heriwn Wynebwn Y Wawr

7.   The Impossible Dream

8.   An American Trilogy 

9.   Hiraeth 

10. Rhythm of Life

11. Cwm Rhondda

Others maybe added periodically on the MD’s advice

2017 Annual Concert - videos by Gareth Vedmore

Bridgend Male Choir's tribute ''To the fallen":


 'Builth' :

 'Portrait of my Love' :




 Tydi a roddaist

 My Lord, what a mornin’

 Ride the chariot

 Cwm Rhondda


 The Prayer

  Portrait of my love

 Bring him home

 What would I do without .......

 For the fallen

 She was beautiful (Cavatina)


Christus Salvator

February 2018 - Ryan's List:

This will be the only music you will need to bring to future practices unless otherwise notified by him. The list will also be our check list to enable us to ascertain whether we are (or are not) using copies that have copyright permission and are therefore being legally used.

1-4 being the Eisteddfod songs

1. Heriwn Wynebwn y Wawr

2. Hiraeth

3. Arglwydd Da

4. Builth

5. Singing in the Rain

6. What Would I Do Without My Music

7. Tell My Father

8. The Impossible Dream

9. Cwm Rhondda

10. Calon Lan

11. My Lord, What a Mornin'

12. Yfory

13. Prayer

14. Myfanwy

15. Morte Criste

16. Christus Salvator

17. Gwahoddiad

18. Soldiers' Chorus

19. Troyte's Chant

20. Rhys

21. Pan Fo'r Nos Yn Hir

22. The Rhythm of Life

23. Llanfair 

Hats off for Ryan,


Congratulations to Ryan Wood who has just celebrated his first year in office as conductor and Musical Director of Bridgend Male Choir. It has been a good learning curve for the choir and Ryan; his work ethics are high and his working relationship with Stephanie, positive.


Over the last twelve months, his musical skills, his ability to hone in on wrong sounds and pronunciation is very much to the fore; he is much more relaxed; clear in bringing in voices and clear steady beats with hand gestures. He has a good ear and it is probably close to perfect pitch; far, far better than mine!


It's spot on with prompt starts, ending bang on time if sometimes a little early. The interval announcements with Chairman Gareth Davies is 10 minutes max and a succinct 10 minutes. Discipline is in Ryan's domain and he does not need the extra voice that rings around the room.


Working with the Music S/Committee, new and varied music is being slowly introduced into our repertoire. I am sure that any suggestions given to Music Subcommittee Chairman, Roger Price, will be looked at and fully considered.


Ryan has set the benchmark in rehearsal: when rehearsing with one section it should be second nature for other sections to listen, observe, look at their own music without a small minority gossiping. Ryan has set out his stall and continues to make his mark. It now falls upon the shoulders of choristers to give the support: the teaching, cajoling and a cutting sense of humour brings fun into Thursday evenings: the choir is getting there; the choir receives good concert reviews; we experience good venues; we have good worthwhile rehearsals; super attendances but we do need more consistency with chorister numbers in concerts. It is hats off to Ryan.


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