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At Arnhem Cemetery 2008

No birdsong rang before we sang
Gwahoddiad under leaden grey
Then placed our wreath with grateful hands
And slowly moved down where they lay
Each within each, alone to pray
The burden of their dying weighed
Silent on all of us who stood
Along the lines of stones arrayed
To guard them in this foreign wood
And read their rank, their names, their youth 

Peter Davis 2008 (Chorister & poet)



Following in the footsteps of many Welsh choirs, Bridgend Male Choir were the 2008 guests traveling to the

Copy of letter sent by Chairman of Host Choir to Gazette & Borough Mayor

Our City of 's-Hertogenbosch was liberated by the 53rd Welsh Division on the 27th October 1944.

Each year we celebrate the liberation of our city and this year we were delighted to welcome Bridgend Male Choir into our city to participate in the celebrations.


Our Choir and the Bridgend Male Choir took part in the emotional service at the Welsh Monument. Each choir sang their individual items and we all sang the National anthems. The many people who were at this ceremony were deeply moved by the service and the wreath laying.


Both Choir's fully participated in the Liberation Concert and there were very moving experiences there especially when the remaining Liberators of our City stood up.

The concert was a tremendous success and the quality of the Bridgend Male Choir was recognised by all.


The Choir also made a visit to Oosterbeek Cemetery and sang as a mark of respect to those sadly lost during the war. The Choir also had an enjoyable visit to Amsterdam.


It was very sad for us when the Choir left our City because they had played such a vital role in our Liberation Celebrations. They were great ambassadors for the town of Bridgend and for the great country of Wales. We have many happy memories of their and we have now made more  new friends from Wales. We look forward to visiting Wales in the future and also welcoming Bridgend Male Choir back to our City whenever they want to come.


Sincerely yours,


Inno van Riemsdijk,

Chairman of the Gemengd Koor ‘s-Hertogenbosch


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