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The Small Print

1:   Our Musical Director finds the direct approach from choristers and/or their partners with suggestions for future concert repertoires disconcerting.  This is especially so during or after concerts when he is already under sufficient pressure to ensure he and the choir perform at the highest possible level.  Whilst he finds the enthusiasm for the choir extremely rewarding, he feels that the direct approach is not appropriate and must stop.  The correct procedure for such suggestions is for them to be made at an appropriate time, i.e. away from the concert arena, and through members of the Music Sub-Committee for subsequent ratification with the MD and the main committee.   


Music Sub-Committee:    Roger Price (chair); Dr Peter Morgan, Alun Guile and Jim Thomas

2:   The Choir appreciates the support given by wives/partners and friends at concerts/events both home and away.  However, following representation to Committee members with regard to wives etc travelling on coaches to events, it was felt that clarification was necessary.  It has always been the case, except for extended tours, that travel arrangements are made for Choristers alone.  Therefore, while wives/partners and friends will always be made welcome at these events, it will be for them to make their own travel arrangements. 


The only exceptions to this will be members of the Music Team and Pauline Thomas, who has managed the sale of the Choir's CDs over the years and takes responsibility for both the CDs and posters which are stored on the bus.


Some Gentle Comments on Protocol

Some of our own & some borrowed from another well-respected Choir, but equally pertinent here at Bridgend Male Choir:

We have all joined the choir because we enjoy singing.   Although rehearsals are less formal than a concert they are nevertheless in preparation for concerts, for which the public pay good money, so we must be totally professional and make the ‘training’ as important as the performance.  After all,  Steve Redgrave and Linford Christie did not win gold medals by taking a pleasure boat on the Thames or jogging round the track a few times, for a couple of hours a week!!


For our Musical Director and Deputy to be able to take the Choir forward, and improve our ‘sound’ even further, it is essential that choristers approach rehearsal as they would a concert.

To that end:-

  • Body position should be correct, as in a concert, with arms loosely at sides to ensure no restriction on breathing (not folded or hands in pockets)
  • Focus on the MD & Deputy and respond quickly to their requests, their conducting,  their interpretations of the words and music and the singing coaching tips
  • Make sure that you can hear the piano & stay in tune with it.
  • When seated to sing at rehearsal, sit up as straight as you can.
  • Do everything you can to learn the words quickly and accurately, this will help to ensure greater focus on the musical interpretation. (In any case, although we all forget them sometimes, it is so very obvious to an audience when an individual is not doing the same as everyone else).
  • Drink plenty of water throughout rehearsal & think twice about drinking anything else as it may not improve your singing.


There will always be plenty of time and opportunity to sing in a more relaxed and expansive way in the "afterglows" and other informal situations

When to Applaud

It detracts from the Choir's Reputation, and it is obvious to the Audience, when some members do not know when, or when not, to applaud.. There is nothing worse than a minority of Choristers applauding when they should not as it looks as if the rest of the Choir cannot be bothered.   The Choir will come across as a professional and disciplined choir if we comply with the following rules.

To clarify matters:      

    • Choristers should only applaud immediately at the end of an item when it has been sung or played by an invited artiste.
    • Choristers should not applaud our own Soloists or Musical Team at the end of an item.
    • Our Compere will introduce our Soloists and Musical Team individually at the end of the Concert and it will be only then that Choristers will applaud together with the Audience

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